Comprehensive Bill of Materials (BOM) Software with
Advanced Inventory Management

Bill of Materials Software

Smart Multi-level Bill of Materials software.
AI-powered algorithms.

  • Estimate in minutes. Automate ordering.
  • Know your costing, deadlines, and expected manufacturing dates.
  • Label printing and Label designer.
  • API integration (Xero, QuickBooks Online, Shopify, WooCommerce…)

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Work Order or Project

Features of
Bill of Materials Software (BOM)

Inventory management software with the bill of materials

ERP/MRP software – Manufacturing software and supply management chain software featuring the multi-level bill of materials,
supply chain forecasting, costing, estimating and quoting.
Software for manufacturers that supports Small Business, from start to end.

One of the best manufacturing software for small businesses, that offers all that you need in one MRP System.


Bill Of Materials Constructor

  • Component, Sub-component, and Work operation filtering: 
    Filters only components for the selected type.
  • Add/remove components: Simply add or remove a component from the BoM
  • BoM Versions: as you change BoM you can easily create a new version
  • Stock Compare: Compare it against inventory in real-time and get a missing qty report.
  • Purchase missing items: Launch Purchase Orders from the Bill of Material and purchase missing parts.

Inventory Tracking

Inventory management software with bill of materials

  • Barcode Numbers: Auto-generated barcodes ready for label printing. ERPAG supports different barcode standards (EAN, UPC, QR etc. )
  • Lot Numbers:Track LOT or Batch series with the ERPAG tracking engine.Complete historical data overview with backtrack reporting.
  • Inventory Label Printing: Tag your items with ERPAG cloud label printing. We support all industry standard label printers.
  • Mobile app: Speed up scan/receive process with the mobile app settings.

Work Orders

Manufacturing WO, Job WO, Service WO

  • Track everything.

  • Time, labor, and material

  • Expected DATE

  • Tackle bottlenecks.

  • Automatic backlog, reordering.

Our software offers a comprehensive solution for managing Manufacturing WOs, Job WOs, and Service WOs, focusing on tracking every detail. This includes time, labor, materials, and expected completion dates. Our platform also allows for identifying and resolving bottlenecks through the automatic backlog and reordering processes. Additionally, users can obtain item-level information directly from the Work order or generate a missing parts report to streamline the process.

Status Tags

  • Intelligent status tags that signal when terms are fulfilled

  • Work order launching as soon as terms are fulfilled

  • Start, pause and complete the manufacturing order with a click of a button

ERPAG utilizes these tags to alert users when specific terms are met, allowing for the immediate launch of a work order. Additionally, the “Ready-Go” function streamlines the manufacturing process with the ability to start, pause, and complete orders in a single click.

Document List

  • realtime: sort, filter, and group

  • export to pdf, csv

  • rendering more than 10 000 items with ease

  • simple customization

  • report ready, save views, extremely fast

The document lists in this software are not just simple lists; they are multi-dimensional reports that incorporate intelligent machine-learning algorithms. This feature provides users a comprehensive 360-degree view of the data, allowing for optimized reporting through grouping, filtering, and sorting.

Charts – Dashboards for Manufacturers

  • Current Inventory: Get a deep insight into your multiple warehouses and stock levels
  • Orders: Track new arrivals, receive inventory, manage orders
  • Work orders: Launch work orders and track the current status for each manufacturing job
  • Sales: See all received orders, and invoice status and track your leads
  • Changes: Know what happened. Erpag logs each change on the document level
  • Events: Don’t miss a thing. Erpag connects to your different calendars and enables you to save any kind of predefined EVENT

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ERPAG has a quite powerful arsenal of features

Accounting integration

Simplify accounting tracking, make informed decisions, and improve sales outcomes.
Xero and Qucikbooks integrations.

Payment integration

Streamline transactions with seamless payment integration, enhancing customer experience and boosting sales.

Multiple ecommerce

Manage multiple platforms efficiently, centralizing operations for better inventory and order management.

Currency conversion

Go global effortlessly, ensuring accurate pricing and expanding sales reach.
Simple - integrated currency converter

Time track

Maximize productivity, meet deadlines, and optimize resource utilization for increased sales efficiency.

Report builder

Customize insights to drive business growth, making informed sales decisions.
Apply branded look and feel to all documents

Multiple warehouses

Efficient stock control ensures timely order fulfillment, reducing costs and enhancing sales.

Label design/print

Enhance brand visibility and product accuracy, driving sales through professional labeling.

Blockly script customization

Tailor functionalities to specific needs.
Simple low-code platform that enables you ERPAG fine tunning.

Multi-level bill of material

Simplify manufacturing processes, ensuring accurate production planning and cost estimation.

Integrated BI reporting

Unlock actionable insights from data, driving informed business strategies.
360 business overview 

Lot serial barcode

Ensure traceability and quality control, enhancing reliability and customer trust in every batch.

This  is only a small portion of more than 1000 built-in features for your small business

look-alike experience

Specially crafted forms and inputs designed with one goal: to deliver a full desktop look-alike experience for everyday business.

Powerful SQL data render

Very fast and robust querying engine that enables fast data processing and data rendering. Real reporting power otimized for different screen sizes.

Express Sort, Filter, Group by

UI / UX components that are designed and developed by our development team.This approach enables seamless integration into views, reports and lists so you could easily manipulate large data-sets.

Integrated BI reporting engine

Simple integration of data visualization. Define your own kpi's or chart reports.
Built in PDF exporter.
Save all your reports to Google drive or to download them to your HD.

What else is included

ERPAG is an all-in-one cloud-based MRP/ERP solution
Inside the system, you will find all sub-modules necessary to run all your operations.
And best of all, it is part of one package. Go to pricing to see price packages.

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What is manufacturing
resource planning software or MRP?


With pompous announcements of Industrialization 4.0 and breakthrough of IoT (Internet of Things), it seems that automatization of the process is reachable not just for corporate owners, but for small and medium-sized businesses as well. However, not everyone is aware that a large number of start-up companies, as well as small and medium-sized companies, actually don’t have a clear and precise control over their business processes. We can even go one step further and say that actually a large number of companies doesn’t even have a control over their inventory. The cause of all that should be searched in the complexity of business software implementations.

And where does fit in?

Based on our humble opinion, MRP should first and foremost fulfill a few preconditions in order to talk about resource optimization at all. This is how we can prioritize the MPR roles:

To provide precise inventory control

  • To automatically perform fulfillment
  • To lock quantities in order to optimize inventory
  • At the end, to optimize available resources

What is bill of materials?

Bill of Materials (BoM) or product structure represents the list of raw materials, components, sub-components, and sometimes services that are necessary to manufacture a certain finished product. In case that the structure is more complex, with more depth, we use the term Multi-Level BoM.

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