Features of ERPAG cloud
manufacturing software (MRP)

look-alike experience

Specially crafted forms and inputs designed with one goal: to deliver a full desktop look-alike experience for everyday business.

Powerful SQL data render

Very fast and robust querying engine that enables fast data processing and data rendering. Real reporting power otimized for different screen sizes.

Express Sort, Filter, Group by

UI / UX components that are designed and developed by our development team.This approach enables seamless integration into views, reports and lists so you could easily manipulate large data-sets.

Integrated BI reporting engine

Simple integration of data visualization. Define your own kpi's or chart reports.
Built in PDF exporter.
Save all your reports to Google drive or to download them to your HD.

Our Manufacturing Software

is specifically designed for:

  • Additive Manufacturers

  • Aerospace & Defense Manufacturers

  • Chemical Manufacturers

  • Distribution Manufacturers

  • Food & Beverage Manufacturers

  • Health & Beauty Manufacturers

  • High Tech Manufacturers

  • Industrial Machinery Manufacturers

  • Job Shops

  • Medical Device Manufacturers

  • Metal Fabrication Companies

  • Oil & Gas Manufacturers

  • Plastics & Rubber Parts Manufacturers

  • Semiconductor Shops

What else is included

ERPAG is an all-in-one cloud-based MRP/ERP solution
Inside the system, you will find all sub-modules necessary to run all your operations.
And best of all, it is part of one package. Go to pricing to see price packages.

Works on every Platform

Cross-platform support Mobile-Tablet-Desktop
Windows Android iOs OSX

Automated backup

ERPAG backups are maintained on the daily level. Anyway, you can always manage your backups manually if preferred, and download it to your server.

Encrypted communication

We use top-level encrypted communication between you and our servers.

User permissions

Control each operation or Erpag feature on the user level.

User interface packs

Enable different languages on the user level.

More than 20.000 happy customers

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What is manufacturing resource

planning software or MRP?



With pompous announcements of Industrialization 4.0 and breakthrough of IoT (Internet of Things), it seems that automatization of the process is reachable not just for corporate owners, but for small and medium-sized businesses as well. However, not everyone is aware that a large number of start-up companies, as well as small and medium-sized companies, actually don’t have a clear and precise control over their business processes. We can even go one step further and say that actually a large number of companies doesn’t even have a control over their inventory. The cause of all that should be searched in the complexity of business software implementations.


And where does MRP fit in?

Based on our humble opinion, MRP should first and foremost fulfill a few preconditions in order to talk about resource optimization at all. This is how we can prioritize the MPR roles:

To provide precise inventory control

  • To automatically perform fulfillment
  • To lock quantities in order to optimize inventory
  • At the end, to optimize available resources

What is Bill Of Materials?

Bill of Materials (BoM) or product structure represents the list of raw materials, components, sub-components, and sometimes services that are necessary to manufacture a certain finished product. In case that the structure is more complex, with more depth, we use the term Multi-Level BoM.

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