Change log 05/29/2023

The biggest change we developed is Automatization and Customization.

This change is a huge milestone for us, and we will publish individual instructions for using the new features in the upcoming period.

This module is divided into individual wholes:

  1. JSON Designer – the possibility of creating your own JSON file with any data from ERPAG;
  2. SMART API – absolutely customized and automatized possibility of connecting ERPAG with any API services;
  3. Automatized processes through BLOCKLY SCRIPTS – On Demand, Bulk Script, BOT script, API script. The existing blockly script is renamed to Trigger Script.

All these changes 7 new features are available in our Automatization and Customization module.

automatization and customization blockly scripts and smart api

The next in line of new updates is the support for the new Stripe Terminal BBPOS WisePOS™. We also still support their old model Verifone P400:

ERPAG and stripe terminal 

Then we have the possibility of bulk editing lot expiration dates:

bulk edit lot expiration dates

And, last but not least – we increased the number of product properties limit from 30 to 50:

product properties

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