About currency converter

The market is globalized rapidly, and so is the need to do the trading business with an increasing number of foreign partners. This requires an additional engagement of users in terms of monitoring foreign exchange rates. Everything in order to properly calculate prices and amounts in documents such as Purchase order, Sales order, Credit note, etc.

Many countries have defined daily exchange rates published by their central banks. But, access to this data is usually not automated, or requires special integration and authorization for their systems. ERPAG users who do not want, or are not obliged to use the official exchange rate list according to the Law of the country in which they operate, are allowed to use the Currency Converter service. It is a service that provides course information in a very simple way. Since it even provides the possibility of free use (for users with small needs), ERPAG users can update their exchange rate with a click and thus save time.

Currency converter integration

If you want to use the paid version of this service, you need to register an account on the Currency Converter website using this link: https://www.currencyconverterapi.com/pricing where you will choose the wanted price plan and get information about the services you receive with the selected price plan.
However, if you want to use the free version, it is enough to open this page https://free.currencyconverterapi.com and select option “Get Your Free API Key” as shown in the picture below.

get free api

Enter your email address and click on the “Get Your Free API Key” button.

get your free api button

After confirmation you will receive an email with a link to confirm your newly created account. You will also receive the API key that you need to save, because you will need to enter it in ERPAG.

Now you have to log into your ERPAG account. Activate Administration > ERAPG Account. Click on the ‘edit’ button and in “EXCHANGE RATE API” panel select the appropriate service.

exchange rate api

In the API URL field, select one of the following values:

In the API key field, enter the API key that you received in the mail when you registered for the service.

After selecting the API URL and entering the API key, it is necessary to check the entered data. Check whether the communication with the service is correct. For this purpose, click on the “VERIFY” button. Finally, click “SAVE” to record the changes.

Syncing the exchange rates

Now it is time to download the exchange rate list. Note that you can only download the exchange rates for currencies that already exist in ERPAG. To create a fx currency go to Accounting – Exchange list, as shown on the screenshot.

exchange list

In case you want to add another currency, click on “add new” button!

add new currency

Upon creating a new currency, please make sure that you enter the correct currency code that must be according to the international currency code standard by ISO-4217.

currency code

After you create all the currencies you need, you can sync the exchange rates by clicking on the EXCHANGE RATE API button.

sync exchange rates

Just confirm that you want to sync the exchange rates.

confirm syncing the exchange list

After you confirm the sync, ERPAG will make a request for each currency individually. And received result will be entered in your exchange rate list. This will allow you to immediately create any document that includes a foreign business partner.