ERPAG changelog Oct 31st, 2022.

Here is the list of the newest ERPAG features and changes:

  1. You can now log into the ERPAG mobile app via Apple ID:
apple sign in

2. Improved document archiving! By archiving documents your ERPAG database now works faster, with better performance:

archive documents

3. ERPAG is now listed on the SUNMI app store:

3a. ERPAG is also listed on the HUAWEI app store:

Install the ERPAG app from the HUAWEI app gallery

4. We redesigned our attachment section (simple drag&drop):

upload attachment

5. You can now cancel any started ‘bulk action’ if it’s taking too long

cancel archiving

6. We increased the number of SKU characters to 50;

7. ERPAG is now listed on the brand-new XERO Store:

8. You can now print from ERPAG on any new Sunmi V2S device of the new(er) generation:

9. Mail accounts in ERPAG (besides Gmail) now support Office365, Outlook, and Hotmail:

mail accounts

10. If your document has a KIT as one of the line items, the KIT will remain on the document after splitting:

split kit

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