Our ERPAG app is officially available in all major app stores.

Now you can easily install ERPAG on your selected mobile device.
Apple App store, Google Play, Huawei App Gallery – whichever platform you use, we got you covered!

ERPAG has been listed on a Xero marketplace under the inventory listing.
From now on all Xero users can seamlessly connect Xero and Erpag,
and manage advanced inventory, order management, and manufacturing.

Combined with ERPAG, Xero gains superpowers that circle full manufacturing and inventory application:

  • lot, serial and barcode traceability,
  • mobile app on a shopfloor level
  • bill of materilas
  • label printing
  • barcode scanning
  • workorder processing
  • backorder processing
  • sales processing

To dive more into technical and connecting details, please read the blog below:

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