Inventory management software from the manufacturing perspective

Inventory management software

Even if you are not a manufacturer (you just wish to track inventory) – go for small business manufacturing software because it has to have deep inventory tracking.

Think about it :
  • Web sales integration
  • Lot, Serial number tracking
  • High-level item description
  • Paperless tracking (any kind of mobile device) scan, count, get info
  • Multiple warehouses,
  • Unit conversion (e.g box-> pcs)
  • Label printing
  • Bar-code auto-generation,
  • QR code generator
  • Contracting configuration
  • Multi-level bill of materials
  • Multiple supplier configurations on item level
  • Price -tiers configuration
  • Costing methods
is a just small portion of all necessary features to keep manufacturing running smooth.
So, from a scaling perspective, it’s not just to scale a number of users, or infrastructure. Scaling can also be “vertical”.
First, you implement just tracking control, then you say ok, where can I save more time and money by reaching for more functions.
Next, you start inventory labeling, introduce your own QR code system for faster management, integrated email, calendar functionality
As you get confidence and pursue other members in the company to go mobile/paperless -> you will expand user reach.
And, in the end, you get fully implemented software!

Image result for skyscraper construction

ERPAG provides both, vertical and horizontal scaling, and most important you get it all in the start. Depth is there, it’s up to you how deep you will go and integrate whole functionality.
Inventory Management is a steel frame for the “manufacturing software construction” built around it. The better manufacturing software is – the stronger is Inventory management that controls it.