Mixed Reality Manufacturing in ERPAG 


What is Mixed reality? How can we use mixed reality in modern ERP/MRP cloud-based apps?

Welcome to another blog post by ERPAG. This one is a little bit different. We will not try to explain and define the basic concept in manufacturing business. Nor we are going to talk about how to cover workflows in ERPAG. This blog is about peeking into the future. We hope – near feature, something that is on a grasp of our hands – augmented reality and mixed reality.

For starters, just for your info, one development team is now focusing on new technologies and the technology implementation in ERPAG. Their job is pretty simple – to enable all current and future ERPAG user to utilize power and functionality of groundbreaking technologies like:

  1. Mixed reality – Based on VUZIX technology (we are in the process of developing mixed reality apps)
  2. Business intelligence extension based on Google Data studio and Google ML (Big data analysis and machine learning) tech
  3. IoT (Internet of things) – API for data exchange between current and future hardware components (In) that collect data in a place where data is formed (drones, scanners, sensors, CNC, etc..)

What we are focused on is “Functionality before Fashion”, because we wish to deploy these new features ASAP so we can shape them together in order to bring you the most benefits.
We will give our best that some of these tech see daylight during 2019.

Today we will start from a simple app that is already available in ERPAG for mobile users.
The goal is to enable data insight “when and where you need it”.
We call this feature Mixed reality and you can start it from the main menu in our mobile app.

To give you an overview we will present some of the business cases which we try to solve.
Usually, these are operational situations, where you are not at your desk and the only thing that you have at hand is your smartphone.

Yet that smartphone can be your crystal ball and it can deliver fast precise info – in the perfect moment.
Case one: Inventory details
How many times did you wish to get info about a specific shelf, lot or item in your hand?
What is turnover, how many pieces do you have in stock, is it a slow mover, etc..
Case two: Machines
You see a construction machine parked or on site – and you wish to know the mileage, in which Work Order it’s currently active, maintenance, etc.
Case three: any kind of statistical data that can be blended with ERPAG entities like a shelf, warehouse, item, machine, employee, documents, etc.

Now, let’s go and dive into technical details – nothing complicated.

Preparation stage:

  • First, we have created a 2D QR code as a unique identifier. We call it, for now, ERPAG Tag. You can tag anything: machines, vehicles, people, warehouses.
  • Each entity has its own properties. We have created a small component similar to label setup where you can define fields which you wish to display on your phone screen.
  • When a user prints the label with a tag, they just need to place it on the desired object 

Print labels:

Simple printing engine – just find QR code icon on the right menu ribbon and click on it:
You will get a new modal window where you just need to select the right dimensions.

When you print labels, just tag some object.

You can tag anything :

  • Board where you wish to see your sales

  • Print T-shirts with QR codes

  • Big formats for shelves, warehouses

  • Tag your CNC machines, Vehicles

For example – we have tagged our desks so each of us can see a list of request received and daily schedule.

Scanning stage:

Now, you can scan QR codes and finally get company data when and where you need it.

We are trying to enable you the best user experience possible.


If you are in inspection at the warehouse, and you need immediately to see a snapshot of the current CNC center.

The app detects ERPAG QR anywhere as you scan using your mobile camera. As QR gets scenes APP renders all predefined data overlaid on the scan screen.
Current work order, Employee assigned, Start Date/Time, expected end Date/Time, last inspection (service) date, next service date, etc.

Now plans about the future:

(image for demonstration purposes only: ownership of VUZIX Inc)

This is only a small stepping stone or piece in a puzzle – the next step is fully developed on wearable hardware/software platforms like VUZIX. 
We are already in the process of adapting API and hardware so we plan to have first beta apps during 3Q and 4Q this year.
Please give us feedback on this 😀
We are open to all your suggestions.

You can contact the dev team directly: 

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