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The amount of data entry and manipulation via mobile devices is increasing every day. By increasing the speed of the mobile internet (introduction of the 5G mobile network) and increasing the computing power of smartphones, technical conditions have been met for almost all data manipulation in ERPAG to be done on mobile devices.

Our goal in the coming period is for 90% of Erpag options to be available and adapted primarily for smartphones. Some options due to their specificity cannot be customized and these are mostly settings and administration options (e.g. Report Designer will only be available via desktop browser).

Because of the screen size and precision of selections via mouse, the productivity of manipulation via desktop browser is incomparably higher than with mobile devices. The advantage of mobile devices is that it’s always available to you. In other words, “It’s always in your pocket”.

In accordance with our plans and user requirements, we have introduced a new option, ie. we have enabled Stock Adjustment entry through the mobile app.

New document entry

You can create a new document by clicking on the “plus” icon. The icon is at the bottom of the stock adjustment list.

You must specify a warehouse and enter a description. By doing that, you are creating an “empty” document.

Note: Completed documents are not displayed on the stock adjustment list.

Adding items to documents

There are three ways to add an item to the document:

  1. By entering SKU or barcode via soft-keyboard device (red arrow)

2. By scanning the barcode via the device camera (blue arrow)

3. Item look-up (green arrow), where you can search based on the first few letters of the item name.

Input via SKU / Barcode

If you enter the SKU or barcode in the text field and press enter, you’ll insert the item into the list and open a new form for quantity change.

Note: A positive value is a surplus, and a negative value is a deficit in a stock adjustment document.

When you click on the return button (to confirm the entry), the item is displayed on the list. The sign “+” indicates an increase in value (surplus), while “-” indicates a decrease in value (deficit).

Entering items that have a serial number

When entering an item that includes serial number tracking, the entry is slightly different.

The lower part of the form shows all the current serial numbers for the item. By excluding a serial number, we practically reduce the quantity.

If it is necessary to add a quantity (surplus), we must enter a new serial number. You can achieve this by “tapping” on the “plus” icon and then entering the serial number and confirming that via the ‘ok’ icon.

Note: The values ​​”New quantity” and “Difference” are calculated automatically.

Entering items that are tracked by LOT numbers

Same as entering items that are tracked by serial numbers, the entry of items that are tracked by LOT numbers has its specifics.

Here as well, in the lower part of the screen, we have a list of all current LOT numbers for the item. By increasing or decreasing the quantities for each individual LOT number, we determine the new inventory levels. The decrease is a deficit while the increase is a surplus.

If we need to add a new LOT to the inventory, we can do that by “tapping” the plus icon. That opens the form for entering a new LOT number.

Item look-up

This is a useful option if we don’t know the SKU number. Here we can search for items by name.

We can enter a part of the item name via the soft-keyboard device, activate the item and confirm the selection.

Removing an item from a document

You can remove an item simply via the trash icon.

Post document

You can post the document by “tapping” the icon in the upper right corner of the screen. As a consequence, the system will show a “button” called “Post Document”.

After activating the option, the document (if the logical control passes) will have the status “Completed”.

Note: Documents with the status “Completed” do not appear in the document list. After you complete the document and tap the “back” icon, the document will not be listed on the stock adjustment screen.

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