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We are all aware that there is advanced software designed to monitor shop floors. These systems need fine tunning and integration using industry-standard peripherals and connectors. Often need to be customized and additionally developed to fit shop floor configuration. These systems justify their price by process optimization and real cost savings. 

On another hand, the entry-level bar is raised really high, and usually, implementation is dictated by necessity, due to the high complexity of shop floor management. (we’re talking 4 figures/mo )

What if we told you, that there is a shop floor solution for small businesses, that can be implemented in a couple of days, and the cost is up to $49 per month!

Using ERPAG you can really automate your shop floor: 

  • detail inventory tracking (LOT, Serials, barcodes… )
  • capture time (clock in, out, track Work Operations)
  • render all data using BI module, and reporting engine
  • automate eCommerce fulfillment
  • automate sales and presales
  • optimize inventory with smart supply chain management

Here in ERPAG, our vision is to boost SMB’s productivity by using cutting edge technology and reinventing old process using new approaches. 

Stay tuned, in the next few sections, we will give you an overview of the smart shop floor for Small Business.

This is the list of all procedures needed to upgrade your shop floor

  • QR Code tagging
  • Time Capturing
  • Process Execution
  • Customization
  • Logic Layer-Blockly

QR Tagging: 

A simple, affordable, and very intuitive way of capturing data.

Using our built-in engine create and print QR codes. These are not the standard QR codes. These QR codes are dynamic, entity-based.

They are more like a portal to a specific entity in ERPAG.

You can create a specific QR CODE e.g Warehouse – set the data to be displayed: warehouse name, current inventory, critical inventory.

Then print it on any medium like 1×1 and stick it to the warehouse entry.

You can get a report of the warehouse on your phone by just scanning the barcode, without any questions asked or   

Just play with it! Stick them to any machine, vehicle, or any other entity and use them as trigger points. Print documents with QR code to speed up data loading/manipulating.

Capture time:

Using our Mobile APP, and QR engine is one of the most cost-effective

solutions to track:

  • clock in /clock out
  • capture work operation time
  • recorded service/machine operative time

Record process execution:

Track real WORK ORDER progress using stages;
By implementing stages you can know the exact state of WORK ORDER with used material, timing, and expected dates.

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Anyone who had the experience of implementing some business software is aware of the fact that the most expensive part is customization.

Using our specially designed engine, we have designed the customization process to be really intuitive and simple, in a way that anyone can do it, even without coding experience. Real knowledge is to feel and know your business model, and to transfer processes in the app.

It’s a no-brainer: drag and drop fields in report designer, or expand input form with your elements and specific lists.

with these simple tweaks you can customize and fine-tune ERPAG:

  • form customization by expanding data entry fields
  • report customization
  • mobile app customization

Blockly – add your logic layer

And to go one extra mile, we have integrated a Google codless engine –Blockly. 

You may be familiar with it if you have a kid that plays with lego or learns Sketch in primary school. Blockly enables you to add an additional logic-layer that is not supported out of the box in ERPAG. Think of it, you have a specific machine in your job shop. E.g some specific instrument, and dependable on configuration, cost per hour can be $1 or $100.  

In four easy steps, you will simply create a complete component with the workflow, that in some cases, you would need weeks or months to negotiate and deliver a solution. Here is the showcase:

  1. Create a custom dropdown filed in Work Order with pre-entered values of machine config (e.g, simple mode, dedicated, power mode)
  2. Create a blocky script that will update the cost filed in WORK ORDER.
  3. Use the ERPAG mobile app as a capturing device to record work operation time.
  4.  Extract the custom field to the grid view of WORK ORDER to get specific reporting using built-in filter/sort/group operations 

You got the power – like a wizard of Oz! 

This is a true change in the way that Small Businesses can customize shop floor and boost productivity while reducing cost.

We are excited and proud to deliver ERP/MRP solution designed to help small manufacturing business to scale and accelerate using simple cost and effective automated solution.

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