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As you know ERPAG can integrate with Shopify which makes everything easier when it comes to managing manufacturing in ERPAG and Shopify.

With Shopify Manufacturing and fulfillment we are here to provide you with the steps that ease your movement through Erpag and Shopify.

Once you have connected it you will be able to easily synchronize your orders.

Shopify process- syncrhronization

  • A customer will come to your Shopify web shop, he will place the order.

If it is a simple product/ the finished product, or if your products are complex and they have to be manufactured.

Erpag as your inventory and management software solution is here to help you with the next steps.

  • When you synchronize your orders from the web shop, orders will be pulled into the Sales Orders document.

Once you save the documents, based on your stock and your quantity you will see the status. based on that status you will be able to proceed accordingly.

  • If the orders have a simple product that doesn’t have to be manufactured,/ when you save the order, based on your stock quantity you can proceed accordingly.

When there is no quantity, or partial quantity system will place the required items in Purchasing > Fulfillment section.

4) Purchasing>fulfillment section: select the boxes beside the wanted items.

Click on bulk action>purchase order and the system will generate the Purchase Order.

Purchase order – when the items arrive, you will receive the items and have enough to proceed accordingly.

Shopify Fulfillment – Erpag process

  • If you have quantity in your stock> when you save the Sales Order, you will see document status.
  • When that status is available you can pack the order, invoice it, ship it, etc.
  • If you have to manufacture your products you will have to go to the inventory and create Bill of Material.

When creating BOM you can add the components/sub components / work operations that will be the part of manufacturing process.

Shopify fulfillment – manufacturing fulfillment

  • When you create BOM (final product to be) it will be placed in the Manufacturing Module> Fulfillment section
  • You select the wanted items ,check the box > bulk action> Work order> you will generate the Work Order.
  • When you save the Work Order, document status based on your stock quantity, just like on the Sales order will show if you have enough to complete the manufacturing process.
  • If you have enough on hand, status will be available and you can complete as planned with your manufacturing process
  • If not, the missing items will end up in Purchasing > fulfillment section and based on the required items to complete the document, you can order the items, place them in your inventory and system will show you availability.

When you receive the items and have enough on hand, status will show Available quantity.

Last but not least: Once you complete the Word Order, the Sales Order document status will show available quantity.

From there the steps would be :

  • pack the items
  • invoice the Sales Order
  • record the payment,
  • ship the items

The status on the document will be in accordance with the completed task.

This way through ERPAG you can easily manage all the steps regarding the fulfillment.

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