TOP 5 Mistakes in Manufacturing and Inventory management

June 8, 2022

If you are reading this manual it means that you are in the quest for a software solution which can improve performance, save your time, increase your productivity, enhance internal communication.

It can help with facing and acknowledging possibilities of mistakes within your workflow.

Reasons to improve needed aspect for your company management :

1. Over ordering

At the moment of ordering it can look like it is good purchasing in high volume.
However, it can pull another problematic issue which is overstocking.
Depending on the business direction and industry, it can cause throwing away products, which is major loss of the money, time, effort.

2. Human error

Can get you to misplacing inventory, selecting wrong product which can cause discrepancies in the inventory and finally Storage inefficiencies.

Which will pull another mistake along the way.

3. Poor communication – Misinformation

When you have multiple warehouses during the transfers the quantities can be wrongly moved and managed from one location to another.
Inventory management requires intuition and human input.
Good internal communication is the key in every management.

4. Relying on the Excel spreadsheets

Multiple people working and updating spreadsheets at the same time, it does require a lot of time, effort and the cost.
No option for work traceability/ movement history of every user in the system.

5. Not using automation or system for inventory stocktaking

Using other method of counting your inventory like a simple piece of paper can cause lack of information about stock, risk of stock availability,
it will be time consuming and can cause a lot of errors along the way.

ERPAG Inventory and Manufacturing software solution as such; will help you in better tracking your inventory and production side of the business.

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