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Set of tools designed to maximize customization and fine-tuning for your ERPAG experience.

Web Hooks

Integrate your ERPAG system seamlessly with other platforms using Web Hooks. Stay connected with ease.

Create own API

Create your own API with ERPAG. Unleash the power of customization and innovation in your business.

JSON/XML Designers

JSON/XML Designers play a vital role in the ERPAG system, ensuring seamless data integration between various platforms


Enhance your business operations with ERPAG’s automation. Simplify tasks and streamline processes.

Custom Tables

Custom Tables are an essential tool in ERPAG, providing users with the flexibility to tailor their data management needs. 

Blockly scipts

Blockly scripts are an essential feature of ERPAG, allowing users to streamline processes and automate tasks with ease. 

Report and Label designers

Design and customize reports and labels with ERPAG’s innovative Report and Label designers.

Form Builders

Form Builders – Revolutionize the way you create forms with ERPAG.

Simplicity at

its Core

Say goodbye to complex implementations.ERPAG offers a seamless experience with its straightforward setup process, ensuring rapid deployment and minimal disruption to your clients operations.

Code with Confidence

Say hello to simplified development with ERPAG’s scripting capabilities. Our intuitive scripting environment empowers you to customize functionalities and automate processes effortlessly.


Embrace innovation without the complexity. With [ERP Name]’s low-code platform powered by Blockly, you can create powerful applications and workflows with minimal coding knowledge, accelerating time-to-market for your clients.

Empowerment through Reporting

Harness the power of data with ERPAG’s built-in reporting engine. Generate insightful reports effortlessly, providing your clients with valuable business insights to make informed decisions.

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