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Manufacturing inventory management system

We will help you to implement ERPAG and guide you along the way.  So, make the first step towards the next generation MRP Manufacturing system and schedule a free call with one of our super-helpful customer support agents.

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Finally, Connect and Streamline All Business Process Under the One Cloud-Based ERP and MRP Software
Sell – Purchase Missing Parts – Manufacture – Fulfill

Sales and CRM

Track your sales from lead to conversion.Create estimates with tiered pricing


MRP/Software – Launch Work Orders based on complex BOMs. Full Shopfloor control

Inventory management

Track everything serials#, lot#, batch#, BOM – expiration dates. 

Order Management

Order missing items based on demand and inventory rules. Automatic  fulfillment engine.

Point of Sale

Sell your items using integrated POS or connect it with Square or Shopify POS

API Integration

Seamlessly sync docs between ERPAG and QuickBooks, Xero, Shopify and WooComerce

Customer Portal (B2b)

Save time Integrating  B2B  platform and enable customers to put orders.


Complete Dropshipping solution. Track orders, contractors and delivery.

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Benefit from our team’s expertise with over 10 years of experience in the field.

Customize your ERPAG effortlessly

Tailor the software to meet your unique business needs with ease.

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Experience a custom strategy developed specifically for your business type.

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ERPAG has a quite powerful arsenal of features

Accounting integration

Simplify accounting tracking, make informed decisions, and improve sales outcomes.
Xero and Qucikbooks integrations.

Payment integration

Streamline transactions with seamless payment integration, enhancing customer experience and boosting sales.

Multiple ecommerce

Manage multiple platforms efficiently, centralizing operations for better inventory and order management.

Currency conversion

Go global effortlessly, ensuring accurate pricing and expanding sales reach.
Simple - integrated currency converter

Time track

Maximize productivity, meet deadlines, and optimize resource utilization for increased sales efficiency.

Report builder

Customize insights to drive business growth, making informed sales decisions.
Apply branded look and feel to all documents

Multiple warehouses

Efficient stock control ensures timely order fulfillment, reducing costs and enhancing sales.

Label design/print

Enhance brand visibility and product accuracy, driving sales through professional labeling.

Blockly script customization

Tailor functionalities to specific needs.
Simple low-code platform that enables you ERPAG fine tunning.

Multi-level bill of material

Simplify manufacturing processes, ensuring accurate production planning and cost estimation.

Integrated BI reporting

Unlock actionable insights from data, driving informed business strategies.
360 business overview 

Lot serial barcode

Ensure traceability and quality control, enhancing reliability and customer trust in every batch.

This  is only a small portion of more than 1000 built-in features for your small business

YOU can Simply Customize



Automate your workflows, business procedures, and logic using simple and effective Blockly script engine. Customize your ERPAG without coding knowledge.

Tweak up basic procedures

With a simple drag-and-drop engine
create a logic layer in current documents.
E.g Add a custom field that can be used to better calculate costing.

Automate email sending

You could also create a procedure to send an email if an estimate is more than the threshold amount.

Calculate custom products

Speed up estimating and quoting process with fully automated parameterized calculations

"Use the full power of automation - The only limit is your creativity and imagination."

Works on every Platform

Cross-platform support Mobile-Tablet-Desktop
Windows Android iOs OSX

Automated backup

ERPAG backups are maintained on the daily level. Anyway, you can always manage your backups manually if preferred, and download it to your server.

Encrypted communication

We use top-level encrypted communication between you and our servers. 

User permissions

Control each operation or Erpag feature on the user level.

User interface packs

Enable different languages on the user level.

Desktop look-a-like

  • Table view handles 10 000 items with ease
  • Drag and drop Importing engine 
  • Analytics and reporting in a second
  • Email tracking
  • Filter, group and sort
  • Export in desired format (CSV, PDF, XLS…)
  • Bulit-in Conditional formating tools 
ERPAG Manufacturing Dashboard

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