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Bulk add to document

A new handy-dandy option has been added to ERPAG!

When creating a Sales Order or a Purchase Order, you probably sometimes hate scrolling all the way down through the drop down, since you forgot the product’s name, but you didn’t forget which category/trademark it has. No? Not you? Okay, just us then.

You probably noticed the ‘search’ button when you are creating  a SO or a PO:

search products and services

 When you click on it, your list of products and services will open in a new tab. You can apply your regular filters to this list (product category, trademark, shelf, etc.), check the boxes in front of the products you want to select > bulk action > select.

select products

The selected products will be pulled automatically to your document:

products added to sales order

You’re welcome!

ERPAG development team

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