CBD Manufacturing and stock

How to manage CBD manufacturing? What are the most important steps? When it comes to complex manufacturing, where does an ERP/MRP come into place?

The manufacturing process for cannabis-derived medicines such as CBD is a multi-step complex process that includes several different stages, from which each one has separate work operations and is using separate equipment. Every manufacturing process is unique since it has multiple factors that influence it, from growing the plant through extracting and refining the CBD before the sale of incorporation into finished medicines.

CBD manufacturing process includes cultivation the hemp, harvesting it, drying it, processing it, extracting, refining and purifying it using specialized equipment and processes.

Because you are using an herbal raw material – hemp, you have to purchase it and have it in stock so you can process it. In order to ensure a consistent product, you need to develop a reliable supply chain, define the minimum stock quantities and, above all, to be able to manage your inventory accurately. Here is where ERPAG comes into place: the management of your inventory and manufacturing processes are the basic premise of a successful business. In these initial steps, you will be able to build up your supplier databases and price lists, and maintain your stock levels by defining the minimum requirements for your stock:

Once it reaches your warehouse, either in the form of a flower or as a whole plant, the hemp is considered as a raw material. The manufacturing process it goes through includes a variety of work operations:

1. Inspection and testing to ensure that they are pure suitable for use in the manufacture of medicine
2. Grinding hemp flowers for extraction
3. CBD hemp oil extraction
4. Hemp oil Dewaxing
5. Hemp oil filtration
6. Solvent Removal
7. CBD distillation
8. CBD isolation

All of these processes are assigned to employees and performed on specific machines. In order to be able to manage these processes and schedule tasks, you can always turn to the timesheets option:

From this one input product, you can have a variety of output products, such as capsules, oils, vape cartridges, edibles and many more.

To manage the manufacturing process successfully, you have to have a recipe, precising the input materials and their quantities, defining every step of the manufacturing process by listing the work operations one by one and precising their duration, as well as all the materials that make a final product ready for selling such as bottles, droppers and caps, labels and cartoons, etc. that also make a part of your inventory and affect the product cost. This recipe for production is called the Bill of Material and based on it you will be able go into the manufacturing process with the estimated cost and estimated output date calculated. This will also help you keep track of your production every step of the way and to always have an accurate count of your inventory levels, for raw materials and finished items both.

And in order to keep track of expiration dates and have full traceability from the supplier to the end customer, and manage every batch, you can track the items using the lot number option!

Warehouse inventory also must be tracked to ensure materials are properly allocated during production.  By carefully and methodically managing warehousing, all components of the finished product may be traced from seed, or source, to shelf. Having an unlimited number of locations and the ability to transfer items between them can be of critical value for high-quality warehouse management:

The process for manufacturing cannabis medicine is made up of many distinct steps.  Each phase of the production lifecycle is as important as the others in bringing a clean, pure, and quality product to market. Maybe you could do it alone; but with Erpag, you can do it for sure!


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