Fixing-wrongly-selected-accounts-for-items-in QuickBooks Online

August 8, 2019

Fixing wrongly selected accounts for items in QuickBooks Online

1. Introduction

It sometimes happens that, when you are entering an item in ERPAG (in most cases during the initial setup or data import), you mistakenly select the wrong account.
Usually, such oversight is noticed much later, so it may seem that the correction will be complicated.
The best way to explain this is through an example.

2. Correction in QuickBooks Online

The foundation of QuickBooks Online is a relational database, which means that by changing some of the data, the change also affects most of the account entries connected to that data.
In our example, we had a Purchase Order in ERPAG, as it is shown in the screenshot below.

And we synced that PO with QuickBooks Online:
We got the Bill with its transactions:
We subsequently noticed that the account was incorrect. It was supposed to be ‘’Inventory Final Products’’. In order to resolve the problem in the QuickBooks Online item setup, we changed the account to the appropriate one.
After the change, the results in QuickBooks Online are appropriate.
This way, we’ve solved the problem, but this solution is not very practical if we have a lot of similar issues that should be resolved – changing the accounts one by one changing would take forever.
Since our primary goal is practical implementation, the best solution is to make changes through ERPAG.
3. Correction through ERPAG 
There are two ways to make adjustments to an item in ERPAG.
  • Individually, in the item setup:
  • Through the bulk action, for multiple items at once:
After setting up the account in product and services, all you need to do is to activate “Accounts (Update)” in the sync section.
And that’s it!
ERPAG will check all items in QuickBooks (that have SKUs identical to the ones in ERPAG), and set up their accounts in QuickBooks Online according to the ones that were chosen in ERPAG.
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