Postmen and ERPAG integration

How to send orders via USPS, UPS, FEDEX, DHL. How to print shipping labels and track shipping cost.

In every serious ERP system, a very important segment is sending ordered goods to customers. Given that the number of carrier services is extremely high, it is simply impossible to provide support for everyone. ERPAG has decided to integrate with the POSTMEN API (Application Programming Interface) because this service has support for 46 carrier services and includes almost all the best-known carrier services worldwide and the cost of using this service is very acceptable.
By connecting ERPAG and Postman users get the following benefits:
1) Calculate shipping rates, and get available service types and expected delivery time;
2) Generate labels in PDF format with tracking number. Easily print labels with thermal or laser printers.
Preparing and setting up Postmen
The first step for successful connecting is to download the API keys from the Postmen. In your browser open page and log in using your Postmen account. Then click on the “API Keys” link as shown in the picture.
Postmen integration
Select PRODUCTION or TESTING (Sandbox) environment and copy the key.
Preparing and setting up ERPAG
In order for ERPAG to communicate with your Postmen API service, you need to enter the pre-received API key in ERPAG. Log into ERPAG using your ERPAG account and activate the ERPAG Account option from the Administration menu.
Postmen integration
Then, in the “Shipping” section, enter the API key in the “Postmen API key” field, select the type (Production or Sandbox) and click on the “Verify” button to verify that the key is correct. If everything is OK, record the change by pressing the Save button.
Postmen integration
In order for the sending process to be possible, the following information is necessary:
1) Who is sending goods (full address, contact name, telephone, email)
2) Who receives goods (full address, contact name, telephone, email)
3) What is sent (list of articles with quantity, price and weight)
4) What carrier service do you use (Carrier Services that you defined in Postmen)
5) In which parcels you send goods (parcel dimensions, maximum parcel weight)
Who is sending the goods – Setup
The adjustment is made for each warehouse from which the goods are sent by any carrier service. Activate the Administration – Warehouses List option and activate the Warehouse. Then, enter valid information about Address, Contact person, Phone, email address and record changes. In case you did not enter all the information, sending items will not be possible.
Postmen integration
Who is receiving goods – Setup
The adjustment is made for each customer individually, to which you send goods by any carrier service. Activate the Sales – Customers option and activate the Customer. Then, enter valid information about the Name (Customer name or Company name), Address, Contact Person (including email, cell phone and/or home phone number), Phone.
If your customer has multiple locations where you can also send goods, in the Ship To section, you will need to enter all the information for the specified location. Finally, record the changes you have made. In case you did not enter all the information, sending items will not be possible.
Postmen integration
What is sent – Setup
Setup is done for each item individually. Activate the Inventory – Product and services option and then activate the product. In the Additional info section, enter the Gross Weight and UOM (Weight UOM) data. In case you have not entered the weight information and the unit of measure for the weight of the product, shipment will not be possible.
Postmen integration
Which carrier service you use – Setup
Activate the Sales – Carriers option and click on the Add new button. With the Manual entry option, you can enter any carrier service that is not supported through the Postmen service, but in this case, you can not calculate the shipping rate or print a shipping label. By activating the Postmen (API) option ERPAG downloads your list of carriers that you have entered into your Postmen service. Choose one of the offered ones and click OK.
Postmen integration
In which parcels do you send goods – Setup
In the Basic Info section, enter all the information (the data will be filled in the way you defined it in Postmen). In the Parcels section, enter all the packages you use for packing and shipping. It is very important to enter the parcels that your carrier service supports with all parcel dimensions information, parcel weight units, and maximum parcel weight. In case you have not entered the dimension information and the maximum parcel weight, sending will not be possible.
Postmen integration
Sending goods to customers
The process of generating Sales Order has already been described at the following link and we will only describe the process of sending products. So, create a Sales order, choose a customer, enter products and save the document. In order for the items to be shipped, you need to pack them by clicking the Pack button. Now it’s possible to send the goods. Click on the Ship button and select the Packing list you want to send.
Postmen integration
Select Carrier and select Parcel. After the selection, click on the Ship button. If the selected Carrier has more services, the Rates will be generated where you can choose the way you want to send the parcel, otherwise, Shipping Label will be generated immediately. Carrier will generate rates based on the address of the sender, recipient’s address, size and weight of the package.

Postmen integration

Choose the service that suits you the best and click on the Create Shipping button.

The moment you activate the Create Shipping button ERPAG creates a request for Postmen to create a new parcel. The postman passes the request to your Carrier. Carrier checks the correctness of the request (address of the sender, recipient address, packet content, package size and weight) as well as the rate you selected. If the request meets all the necessary criteria, Shipping Label is generated. ERPAG gets tracking information as well as Shipping Label.

Postmen integration

Now you can print out the Shipping Label, or download it to your computer.

Postmen integration

After the process of generating Shipping Label is completed, ERPAG will save the Label in the Attachment of your Sales Order.

Postmen integration

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