Quoting software for manufacturing
quoting software for manufacturing

quoting software for manufacturing

The importance of Quoting Software in Manufacturing!
Five most important things for Quoting in Manufacturing!

If there is one sensitive process in manufacturing that need to be handled with special care- it is Quoting. It should be a dream job – a new customer, new challenges, new opportunity – but usually it converts to a nightmare.
Sometimes one, only one miss-calculated Quote can destroy months of hard work and downgrade the company’s reputation.

Just think of it. How many different inputs you need to take in a count :

● Available inventory
● Lead time for missing inventory items
● Machine availability
● Workforce

And these are just basic inputs. Add to it Multilevel bill of materials and Contracting involved business and you get the clue why this process is so fragile.
But, if you watch it from the Small and mid-sized business perspective, things are a little bit different.

A vast number of startup or growing companies need to solve just one scope of numbered issues-inventory. They can manage machines and people but they struggle with inventory management.

In this approach we can simplify quote generation  to ask just inventory oriented questions:

● What do I need to manufacture?
● When I need to manufacture?
● What are the missing components?
● Where to buy them?
● And most important: What is the cost of a planned project/product?

What is the cost of my manufactured product?
In order to answer this question, we have designed a simple ERP and MRP software
that tries to automate this process as much as possible. Also we have implemented a quoting engine for manufacturing. To achieve that, we have designed a couple of algorithmic processors that each take care of a specific job.

Multi-supplier order management:

  •  Enables you to track prices from multiple suppliers for one SKU
  •  Landed cost tracking

Fulfillment automation

  • Compares available inventory against accepted orders and populates fulfillment list in order to enable the procurement manager to automate the ordering process

UOM conversion

  • Converts UOM from one to another to enable straight forward purchasing

Work order/project automation

  • ○ Automatically generates work orders for complex products. Arranges them in projects and synchronizes with the mobile app. That enables the shop floor to track down WO execution and bring live data to Projects manager desk

All these 4 engines are combined in Multi-Level BOM management so you can easily design new project/product and get the estimated cost of the product – so you can complete your Quote. Quoting software for manufacturers needs to be fast and accurate. A salesperson needs to get Quote in a matter of minutes.

product based on bill of materials
Then you can send a Quote to your Customer using email integration. Also, you can attach all necessary technical or description documents in order to provide full terms and conditions.
Our quoting engine is connected with the Sales module, so you can then track conversion, launch Work Orders and execute manufacturing.
Next step towards the perfect Quoting / Proposal process that works out of the box is to design and develop a simple CONFIGURATOR engine that could solve very complex calculations for a multi-dimensional BoM.

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