ERPAG Change Log 10/08/2019.

Splitting Lot numbers upon packing/receiving

A lot of you faced the same problem upon packing a lot tracked items – what happens in case I have a few lot numbers for the same SKU (item)? How do I enter those?
The solution we had so far was inefficient, since you would have to split the items on the document itself, on a few line items. Ok, that is not that bad, but what if I don’t know how many lot numbers of the same item will I pack, until the packing/receiving steps come?
We hear you, that’s why we simplified the splitting the same SKU in more rows upon packing or receiving.
For example, if you have an item on your SO that requires 4 pcs, and you are packing 1 piece of one lot, and 3 pieces of another lot. ERPAG will ask you to assign the lot number to that SKU:
add lot number

In this case, first, you need to enter the quantity you are packing, pick the lot number and then click on the plus button, so the system splits the rest of the quantity to another row:

split lot numbers

Once your item is divided into two (or more rows), assign them appropriate Lot numbers from the drop-down menu:

splitting lot numbers
Hopefully, this option will save you some time and nerves!
ERPAG Development team

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