Creating a Stocktaking document in ERPAG

In ERPAG, you can do the stocktaking in two ways :

  1. From the Mobile App > Inventory > Stocktaking

2. From the desktop version Inventory > Stocktaking

In this blog, we will explain the steps for creating a stocktaking document via ERPAG Mobile app.

The mobile app is supported on both iOS and Android platforms. You can find more information on these blogs:

Mobile app – stocktaking

Mobile app – Stocktaking

Steps would be as follow :

  1. Tap to open the stocktaking and you will have the cell where you can scan or find the already created stocktaking in the system. By default the mobile app wants you to scan the product barcode by tapping the camera button. If you prefer to search by SKU, just tap on the barcode icon to switch to SKU filtering option.
Creating a stocktaking document

2. When you click on create button you will open the following window where you can Select

  • The wanted warehouse
  • The type of the wanted stocktaking (entire warehouse, shelf, product category, trademark, tax category)
  • The wanted Shelf

Once you select the wanted requirements click Create > Your new stocktaking will be created.

The next step would be to open the wanted stocktaking > scan or search the items by the SKU. To increase the quantity of the items just tap to open the item, and alter the quantity. Then tap on the back arrow to go back to the stocktaking.

Selecting items in mobile app

Once the items are scanned/added, and the wanted numbers for the items are filled in, the next step would be to tap on the top right corner icon. Once you do that, the ‘compare to stock’ button will appear, tap on that one as well!

Comparing to stocks

When you compare to stock, the system will compare the quantities from the desktop version, with the quantities you added to your stocktaking document. Therefore you will see whether you have a Deficit or a Surplus in the system .

Created Stocktaking document

Once you finish the stocktaking on the Mobile app, that information will be saved in the desktop version as well. From where you will have to complete the Stocktaking (create surplus and/or deficit document).

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