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Stopwatch – Time Sheet / Mobile App

Changelog 2019-03-20

mobile app time sheets


1. Introduction

Stopwatch in ERPAG has been updated. Some of our users reported that the time tracking has been disconnected in the work orders. That occurred when a mobile device (usually it was a mobile device, but perhaps it happened with tablets as well) goes to a sleep mode and 3G/4G connection breaks, and since the time is tracking on the device itself, the application considered that the time tracking was paused (or stopped). Also, there was no option to run more than one work operation simultaneously. The solution for these problems is a timer on the server side.

2. Mobile app

For time tracking (for iOS and Android) in the Mobile App, enter directly from the main menu.

time sheets

By activating the time sheets, the operator sees the list of all work operations assigned to him, and work operations that are not assigned to anyone. The work operations that are currently tracked are colored red (since now we support time tracking of more than just one work operation). The time that is displayed is the total time that has been tracked. If the measured time is 2 hours, and then 1 hour more after the pause (break), the displayed time will be 3 hours.

When you activate the work operation you can see it’s content and options to start the time tracking or pause it if it’s already started. The time tracking is measured in seconds, while the cost of the work operation is set by hour, so there can be some deviations, especially if the tracked time is less than a minute.

3. Time Sheets

You can track the time directly in ERPAG, through the option ‘Time Sheets’.

time sheets ERPAG

In the table, on the right side, we have a new column in which we can see the Stopwatch status for each employee individually.

work operations stop watch

By activating the timesheet for a wanted employee, we can see individual stopwatches. Start/stop can be managed through the button from the table itself.

The initially planned and realized time is displayed in days, hours and minutes, but in the table settings, it’s possible to add the column for seconds as well.

work operations time track

Work operations are ‘completed’ through the “bulk action” button.

complete work operations

The completed work operations are marked green, and they will not show up in the Mobile App.

4. Note: The time is now tracked from the server’s and client’s side. There is a possibility that the tracked time will have a slight difference of a few seconds since we don’t have access to the client’s stopwatch, so we can’t harmonize them precisely.

2019. ERPAG Inc.

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