Stripe & ERPAG integration

Stripe payment integration. How to connect? How to sync data between Stripe and your account?
The best way to handle online payment and close your sales orders. Connect e-commerce in your account with Stripe.

Everyone is well aware that the fast and secure payment collection of sold goods or services is one of the priorities of each company. It is therefore necessary to allow your client to make a payment in a simpler way. The introduction of various POS charging terminals requires installation and maintenance costs, and staff should be trained for their use. However, with the emergence of a CLOUD service (like ERPAG), there is a problem when accessing POS terminals on client computers because the browser forbids access to local computer resources due to security. Fortunately, there are now a large number of services on the market that enable ONLINE billing, and you do not need a POS terminal anymore. One of the services that stands out for quality, safety, speed, ease of use and speed of implementation is certainly Stripe.

In order to enable ERPAG users to charge via Stripe service, ERPAG enabled the connection using the Stripe API (Application Programming Interface).
By connecting ERPAG and Stripe, the user gets the opportunity for his clients to pay for items or services:
1) based on issued invoices, Sales order, Quotation, by clicking the link generated in the document itself;
2) based on the issued Receipt Note from the POS;
3) through Mobile APP;
4) through the Partner Portal.
Regardless of ERPAG filling the PCI compliance standards, ERPAG does not record any credit card information, but using the Stripe API opens an isolated Stripe checkout overlay and receives only a temporary token from Stripe. This means that all the information the user enters about the credit card, in fact, is entered directly to Stripe. By activating the billing, ERPAG returns the temporary token to Stripe and, on the basis of this, gets information on whether the transaction is successful or not (as shown in the picture).
stripe integration
Preparing and adjusting Stripe
The first step for successful linking is to retrieve the API keys from Stripe-1. In the browser, open the page and log in using your Stripe account. Then click on the link “Developers”, “API keys” as shown in the picture.
stripe integration
Preparing and setting up ERPAG
In order for ERPAG to communicate with your Stripe account, you must enter the previously received API keys in ERPAG. Log into ERPAG using your ERPAG account and activate the “Stripe” option from the “Administration” menu.
stripe integration
The next step is to enter your API keys.
stripe integration
After entering, make sure to check the validity by clicking on the VERIFY button and finally, save the document.
Payment is available in ERPAG in several ways.
The first way is by creating a Sales Order, Invoice, Quotation or another document, downloading it as a PDF or emailing the document to the customer. The buyer will activate the link generated in the document.
stripe integration
By activating the link, a new webpage with the document content is previewed to the customer.
stripe integration
By clicking on the “Pay with Card” button, a Stripe Checkout form opens in which the customer enters the credit card information, and by clicking the Pay button, he makes a payment.
After successful payment, the customer receives information that the payment on the document basis has been successfully executed and the status of the document in ERPAG will be changed to PAID.
Another way is to pay through the Point of Sale. By clicking the + sign in the Credit Card field, we can choose whether the credit card information will be entered directly into the POS or the Receipt note will be sent to the customer’s e-mail.
stripe integration
If the Receipt note is emailed, POS will wait for the customer to receive the mail (for example on his mobile device).
stripe integration
Then the customer makes a payment by activating the link from the mail itself and filling in the information from his credit card. At the moment when the payment is successful, ERPAG will receive information and record receipt notes as paid, this will generate the printing of the receipt.
The third way is by using a mobile application. Enter an item in the Point of Sale in the mobile app and click on the cart.
stripe integration
Then click on the Credit Card > Request money, enter the email address of your customer and confirm by clicking on the ‘Request money’ button.
stripe integration
Like in the previous case, the application will wait for the customer to receive an email, make a payment and receive feedback that the payment was successful.
The fourth way is payment through the Customer portal. The customer logs into ERPAG using the credentials you have provided them. By logging in the customer gains access to your customer portal where he can make a purchase.
stripe integration
By clicking on the cart button the customer goes to the page where he can review his purchase, and after activating the ‘Checkout’ button gets the Stripe payment form.
stripe integration

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