Bar code – definition

Bar code in a world language is a method of representing data in visual, machine- readable form.

ERPAG as your cloud based solution provides you to work through your inventory simply and clean.

First step would be to create new Bar code.

In the inventory>products and services is where you will find to fulfill these field.

Bar code/  Second UOM

Bar code steps

1) If you already have the bar codes you can enter them manually in the EAN/UPC field.

Created bar code will appear in the product images section/ above the bar code/second UOM.

2) You will be able to select the wanted type of the bar code from the drop down menu, and select the wanted label template and label printing.

3)If you do not have bar codes, you can simply click on Plus (+) beside of the EAN/UPC field and the system will generate new bar code.

4) You can set as many bar codes as you need for one product and set the wanted quantity.

barcode by quantity

You are probably asking from where the bar codes in the ERPAG system are generated.

System generates the bar codes by standard.

Our team of developers created a code mechanism and based on that system the bar codes are created and generated.

Bar Code importing in a bulk

1) If you do not have the items in your inventory, you can easily import the products and their bar codes

Go to the administration> import product> where by copy/paste option from your spreadsheets you can import the wanted items.

2) If you already have the products in your inventory and you do not have the bar codes, repeat the process as it was explained under number 1,.

Go to the administration> import products> copy/ paste again the SKU of the product, Description and EAN/UPC.

This way by the SKU the system will recognize already inserted items and assign the bar codes to the existing items.

import barcode

Bar code checking

If you are wondering have you set the bar codes according the instructions

Well, here are few ways to check it.

  1. Go to Sales Order> Create new> You will find bar code option :
scan barcode

2.Click on that Bar code and you will see next screen where you will be able to copy/paste your created bar code :

scan barcode

3. Now the system has recognize the product and it will look like this :

scan barcode

4.If the bar code is not in the right place system will show you a warning.

eg. it will not recognize the product and you can go to that product and place it accordingly.

barcode not found

Bar code handgun scanner

You are probably asking which handgun scanner you will be able to use?

The answer is simple : You can use any bar code handgun scanner that is recognized by your desktop device.

You can test it out by opening an empty txt file, scan any label from any nearest item.

If the number from that text file is read, it will be visible in Erpag as well.

Bar code mobile scanner

In this case you can go only through the mobile application or to connect a Bluetooth scanner on your phone.

As you are already familiar, ERPAG is quite user friendly and it will point out the wrong placed information, so you can rely on ERPAG at any moment.

Meaning, to amend your wrong.

Hopefully these information were helpful with the instructions of how to handle the bar codes in ERPAG.

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