ERPAG Change Log 10/04/2019.

Custom field types

The feature that is highly popular among ERPAG users – Custom fields, now come in 6 types: Free text, List, Amount, Price, Date, and Date and time.
custom field types
Free text is the type of custom field that we first came up with. Just enter the caption of the field and then manually enter the value:
custom field free text
The list is the type of custom field where you have the ability to create a list of values:
custom field list type
And then pick the value from the drop-down menu:
custom field select from list
These two types are alphanumerical, so their values can contain both letters and numbers.
Amount and Price are numerical types of custom fields:
While Date and Date and time as custom field types, offer you to pick the date, or date and time (depends on your custom field type) from the displayed calendar:
Based on the variety of custom field types within ERPAG, everyone can pick a type according to their needs.
custom field types
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