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ERPAG Change Log 10/03/2019.

Expand branches in manufacturing project and zoom option

We are all aware of the struggle our clients have when entering a manufacturing project for multi-level BOM manually. Up until now, you had to click to each plus button on a work order in order to expand the lower levels:
multi level BOM
But now, you have “Expand all” button on the right-hand menu:
multi-level BOM expand all
By clicking on this option, the system will ask you whether you want to expand only the lower levels or (single-level) or all levels (multi-level):
expand all bill of materials
Since we have more than one level of this BOM, we expanded the multi-level. ERPAG gave us all levels (work orders) we have for this product:
multi level bom expanded
Also, now when you zoom in on a specific work order and open it, the system remembers your position and it does not zoom out when you exit the WO.
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