Here are a couple of essential steps which can help you with your movement in ERPAG.

Clean database

If you want to start fresh, to remove your dummy data and start importing your own, you can do that by going to

Administration > Database/Backup > Clean database

By using this widget, you will successfully clean everything, so you can start populating the database from scratch.

Delete all transactions

But, if your goal is to delete all the generated documents, your sales and purchasing history and the generated work orders, the option you should use is ‘delete all transactions’. That way, your inventory will remain untouched, and your customers and suppliers lists will be unaffected. You can do this by going to :

Repairs and Maintenance

Repairs and maintenance is the button that our developers implemented in the system to fix temporary glitches that can happen while working in ERPAG.

ERPAG does not support negative amounts in the system, when a lot of users are using ERPAG at the same time, it can cause a glitch, and the negative amount might appear.

That is when the repairs and maintenance will solve any discrepancies you have in the system. It will not affect your database.

Export to XLS

From Administration > Database/Backup you can Export from XLS needed and required documents and information from your database.

Download backup

From Administration > Database backup you can download the backup of your database.

However, for security reasons, your database will be downloaded in encrypted ERP form and, you will not be able to open it in any way.

You will be able to keep it safe in the downloaded form.

Restoring Upload

You will be able to restore previously downloaded ERP files in encrypted form in this section :

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