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Wish to know more about manufacturing software features and functions?
So, no worries, just scroll down and read a short overview of the most important manufacturing software functions.

Here are the most important manufacturing software features.

So, this is a list of manufacturing software features from the Small Business User perspective.
Therefore, every module is exploded to the technical feature level.
As a result, you could easily understand the logic underneath.

Basically,  features of manufacturing software could be easily grouped around these terms:

  • Robust Inventory
  • Management MRP (Manufacturing Resource Planning)
  • Shop Floor Management / Shop Floor Control 
  • Good integration
  • The mobile app
  • Business Reporting (BI)


Robust Inventory Management

Generally, the heart of the manufacturing software system is based not only on efficiency but also on precise inventory management.
Therefore, Inventory management should be both robust and with high granularity.
Consequently, using this method you can guarantee great precision and future scalability.

So, here are some of the basic features of manufacturing software:

  • Serials#, Lot#, SKU’s #, Part#. 
  • Track barcodes and enable label printing. 
  • Position tracking by warehouses, shelves.
  • Current stock levels.
  • Expiration dates.


MRP (Manufacturing Resource Planning)

To clarify, as a planning module, the MRP system allows your products to be scheduled and forecasted.
So, this manufacturing software feature produces a complete material plan. So, the Material plan consists of a list of all parts and items necessary to produce the finished products.
In other words, a material plan is used to determine the quantities and delivery schedules of needed components.


  • Bill of materials
  • Expected dates
  • Material availability
  • Book/reserve
  • Reorder
  • Backorder
  • Service attached
  • Dropship materials
  • Contracting


Shop Floor Management / Shop Floor Control 

Above all, this is a real-time database of shop floor activity including new work, current work–in–progress and completions.
For instance,  as work moves through the plant and operations are completed, you receive instant feedback so you can respond effectively.

So, here is the list of time capture features:

  • Time capture
  • Material capture
  • Worker capture
  • Machine capture
  • Scrap capture
  • Location 

Order management 

Order management involves multiple steps that have to be processed for efficient order fulfillment.
Therefore, it is one of the critical features of manufacturing software.

So, Order management is required to speed up all phases of order fulfillment.

Most importantly it provides a quick solution to customers for order related queries.
In other words, Order management
 is designed to take care of the whole process of order fulfillment.

In short, here is the list of features:


Business Reporting (BI) with a complete overview of your operations.
Straightaway, get a 360-degree overview of your manufacturing business.
In other words, this is like a crystal ball in manufacturing software features. 

So, Good reporting should contain all of the basic methods to manipulate large datasets, like:

  • Export to CSV, excel
  • Data Drilling
  • Grouping
  • Sorting
  • Filtering
  • Charting


Good integration

Generally, this is another very important feature or module that is enabling great flexibility.
Therefore, good integration expands the limits of the system.
So, here are some of the most important integrations that you should expect or look for:

  • Accounting e.g QuickBooks Online, Xero.
  • Shipping supporting FedEx, UPS, USPS, etc.
  • eCommerce 
  • Cloud drives like Google Drive or Microsoft one drive, Dropbox, etc
  • Payment gateways like stripe, square, etc.


The mobile app that supports all modules
and enables you to segment 
the data entry process and data analysis.

Capturing data is extending manufacturing software features,
Most importantly, the MRP system function is to capture data at the moment when data is generated.
This is the best way to ensure system stability and precision.

Examples of Mobile app applications:

  • The sales team in the filed
  • Installation 
  • Time capturing (Stopwatch)
  • Global positioning


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