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Over the last couple of years, more and more customers are ordering through web shop and/or B2B (customer) portal. Since customer places the order on his own, it often happens that the documents are entered ad-hoc, they are not systemized. So, instead of one sales order, you end up with a lot of sales orders for the same customer. This leads to logistic issues, and it unnecessarily increases cost (you will have to ship each order individually, instead of shipping just one).

Another necessity is creating a single invoice for multiple sales orders. Until now we always suggested to void the sales order, and then to manually create a new sales order. If you are working with a larger number of orders, it results with unnecessary waste of operator’s time. This is why we decided to include this option!

Basic information regarding merging Sales Orders

You will use the Bulk action on the Sales Orders list to merge the orders.

Upon selecting, please pay attention to next points:

  • Only sales orders for the same customer can be merged
bulk action sales orders
  • You can only merge documents with statuses “ENTERED” or “PACKED”
bulk action merge sales orders
  • Sales orders with different billing and shipping addresses can also be merged
merge sales orders
merge sales orders

ERPAG will propose the address of the first selected document. We enabled this option, as customers can make tiny mistakes upon ordering from web shop. In fact, it’s the same address, but upon entering the address the customer can sometimes type in “NV” for the state, and sometimes “Nevada”.

  • If document has dropship items, you can only merge it if the status of the document is “ENTERED”
  • The source documents will get a status “MERGED” , their value will be 0 in the sales order list. They will also be excluded from all reports (thus, the values on the lists/reports won’t be doubled).
merged sales orders
  • By deleting the result document, the “merge” is undone. The source documents will again get status “ENTERED”
  • Billing and shipping address can be changed on the result document
changing billing and shipping address
  • You can only change/delete/add the service item on the result document
change items in sales orders

This option enables you to calculate the shipping cost to your customer only once, or to correct the shipping value if needed.

  • Advance payments will automatically be assigned to the result document
advance payment
  • If the packing list exists on the source document, it will be voided and generated on a new (merged) sales order. It will also keep the same document number.
packed sales orders
packed sales order
packed sales order
  • After packing, you can generate an Invoice
generate invoice
invoiced sales order

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