ERPAG Change Log 10/15/2019.

Save filtered, grouped, sorted views

Over time we got many requests that were pretty much the same: I filter this list by document status/product group/warehouse and when I close the window and open it again, it’s back as it was. Why won’t it save?
Well, it didn’t save because there was no option to save it. But now, there is!
For example, we will filter our sales order list to ‘unpaid’. Click on the view > save current view
save current view
The description will automatically be populated, but you can delete it and enter your own description. Click on the ‘save’ button to confirm.

save custom report

The saved description of the view will appear on the left side, if you are in that view.

view custom report

Let’s create another filter. This time for available quantity! And save that one as well.

filter sales orders by quantity status

And we will create another ‘view’, by grouping our sales order list by customer.

group sales orders by customer

In order to view the specific saved ‘view’, click on the, you guessed it right > view button, and pick the wanted view, or click on the ‘default’ to reset everything.

view saved
This setup is based on the user level. Meaning that different users can create different views.
All the new documents, business associates, products, etc. that you add to the existing list, will appear in your filtered view if they have the appropriate ‘filter’ type.
‘View’ option is available in all document lists, product & service list, reports, suppliers, customers.
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