ERPAG Change Log 10/16/2019.

User authorization – change status, void, register payment

We made some additions regarding the user authorization.
1. Change status
If you want all users to approve documents before being able to trigger the fulfillment (SO, WO) or receive the items (PO), you can set up the document validation as Approved in the Administration > Localization:

Once you enable this, the users must change the status to ‘approved’ in the sales order and work order, if they want to trigger the fulfillment (if they want the missing items to appear in the fulfillment list):

And for the purchase order, the document status must be changed to ‘approved’ in order to be received:

Of course, you can change the status of the documents in a bulk:
Of course, you can control this on the user level as well! You can disable an operator to change the status of the document:

In this case, the operator won’t be able to trigger the fulfillment or receive the PO until an Admin, or another Operator approves the document:

The entered Sales Order won’t even have the option to change the status:

 2. Void the document and Record payment

You can also disable your users from voiding the documents or registering payments:

If you turn off these 2 functions, they won’t have the buttons for voiding the document or registering a payment on the right-side menu:

Now you have more restrictions you can apply as an Admin. Use them wisely!
ERPAG Development team

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