The best manufacturing software for QuickBooks Online

February 21, 2022

QuickBooks Online is not enough? ERPAG – QuickBooks Manufacturing.

You already have numerous features like the ones mentioned below, but do you still need that something extra? We have it for you!

  • Track income & expenses
  • Track VAT
  • Reports and insights
  • Track inventory
  • Manage budgets
  • Sending quotations and invoices, and many others

Due to the complexity of the workflows and the constant increase of requirements set for business owners, everyone is looking for all-in-one software solutions to save their time and be more productive as well. When it comes to accounting, Quickbooks Online is a great solution since it has numerous capabilities. However, it is missing one of the most important things for many businesses, which is handling manufacturing processes properly. That’s when ERPAG jumps in with its detail-oriented manufacturing module to complete the whole cycle and manage all the missing features!

ERPAG Manufacturing

Solution for QuickBooks Manufacturing

Important features for any manufacturing process is precise inventory management.

That allows us to do:

  • the planning
  • keeps tracking each item through the process
  • estimates costs of each project

and other options that provide that feeling of safety and stability in your company.

Inventory Management

On each Work Order, you will be able to set a deadline, check the availability of items that are on the stock, reserve them for a specific WO, so they can’t be used anywhere else. In case of running out of a certain item, the system will automatically generate a Purchase Order, which will be designated for the specific WO in which that item is missing.


Since many companies are working with third party-contractors, Erpag has that covered. Items can be sent to contractors, and once they are back you can continue the manufacturing process.

Shop Floor Management

To successfully manage the whole shop floor, Erpag has covered the most important features. Our customers will be able to capture time spent in working in the shift for each worker including:

  • time spent on breaks,
  • how much material has been consumed in each Work Order and show quantities reserved for future WO,
  • track the labor time (based on cost per hour) which is included in the final estimated cost of each manufacturing process,
  • time spent on a specific machine to be able to plan when the next WO can be started,
  • re-use the scraps from previous manufacturing to a new WO,
  • track the manufacturing by stages and have a real-time insight of the whole process.

Non-manufacturing features that improve Manufacturing in QuickBooks

Since Erpag is not only manufacturing software, it has many other ERP features that are improving manufacturing and increasing the quality of the whole workflow:

  • You can generate fully custom documents like Work Orders, Sales Orders, Packing Lists, Invoices, etc.
  • Each item can be tracked by Serial/LOT number manually or automatically.
  • System can generate QR codes.
  • Labels can be printed for items and documents
  • Second unit of measure can be added to items (e.g. 1 box = 100 pcs)
  • Multiple suppliers can be chosen for each item.
  • Price tiers
  • You have unlimited number of warehouses and option to transfer items from one warehouse to another.

Having an accounting solution like Quickbooks Online that is great for tracking your company finances and manufacturing software like ERPAG with all its features makes these two combined a perfect combo for our Users, since they are only one click away (“Synchronization” button) from working together.

You can try this, by opening our 15-days Free Trial and making sure Erpag is the right software for you. In the meantime,


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ERPAG: The best QuickBooks Manufacturing

Best of luck in Manufacturing!

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