What happened to *TradeGecko?

As you know TradeGecko is now a Quickbooks e-commerce.

Sunsetting of the *QuickBooks Commerce standalone product (formerly TradeGecko)

As you can see from the official announcement, TradeGecko has been terminated!

Text from the official Quickbooks web site:

We announce today the sunsetting of the QuickBooks Commerce standalone product formerly known as TradeGecko. We will retire this product in 12 months on June 10, 2022. Please be assured that there will be no impact on your existing account as a result of the retirement from now until June 2022, and you will continue to receive product support in the form of maintenance and bug fixes.
Key Dates:
June 9, 2021: We will stop accepting new customers for this product.F
June 10, 2022: We will retire this product, and it will no longer be available.

In general, existing QuickBooks Commerce (TradeGecko) customers can continue using their valid plans until June 10, 2022, when the platform is retired. However, Intuit continues to offer some of TradeGecko’s features as part of the top pricing tier in its Online suite.

ERPAG is a great alternative to Tradegecko, for users who want modern, fast, and productive cloud software that combines advanced inventory management with manufacturing and shop floor integration.
It is a unique product on the market because it is the only software for $25/mo that combines:

  • Sales
  • Purchasing
  • Advanced inventory management
  • Manufacturing

Advanced inventory management enables simple traceability by

  • Lot #
  • Serials #
  • Barcode #
  • QR code

Also, you can easily combine items into:

  • Kits
  • Variable products or
  • Use more sophisticated Bill of Material engine to create complex products

It integrates with major eCommerce platforms like:

  • Magento
  • Shopify
  • Woocommerce

In the end, you can seamlessly sync with your Accounting in QuickBooks Online or Xero.

The best thing is that it is fully customizable using:

  • reporting engine with Report Designer
  • label printing+label designer
  • advanced Blockly scripting (fully expand workflows)
  • Mobile app

ERPAG also comes fully equipped with modern AI and big data tools implementations that fully harvest automation:

  • Automated fulfillment
  • Minimal quantities
  • Automatic backordering
  • Automated manufacturing and order management

ERPAG is a great alternative for TradeGecko users especially if you are a manufacturer.
Believe it, or feel free to read the reviews from our real Users:)

Get app review- Sarah S

I am a buyer with 10 years experience under my belt and worked for a number of years with a software that has an insanely high price tag and had overly complicated ways of displaying ordinary information. ERPAG is not that at all. Coming in as one of the least expensive ERPs that I trialled, I immediately appreciated how snappy it felt to open different tabs and the ability to maintain tabs like a web browser. I have been able to upload 100s of line items with a few drop + drags in what felt like no time at all, I was up and running and compiling bills of material without having to consult a manual every five minutes. It presents the most relevant information per tab right where you need it. No need to hunt around for that open PO – one tiny click shows you everything you need. Everything feels easy, which is the best thing you can ask for when starting an ERP from the ground up.

Craig H. -Capterra review

Inventory control was the main functionality and so the ability to track material through-out by serial number was key along with customer returns This has been easy to set up and use. With delivery lot quantities of greater than 10 having the ability to input multiple serial numbers with copy and paste rather than single entry was also a fundamental need and ERPAG does this very well. Allowing transfer of material across multiple sites is great and using the stages feature allows production across sites. ERPAG is easy to use and it appears to stop the user falling into traps when processes are run before material is available so I’ve got confidence that all is well as I use it. There’s a lot to like. The support has been great too, with instance response in the chat to the support tickets raised. All cases I’ve been met with knowledgeable staff who can explain what I need to do to get the functionality I want

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