WooCommerce Manufacturing: 6 basic rules to super-boost productivity

August 11, 2022

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Today we witness that WooCommerce is one of the most popular eCommerce systems.
Wide distribution and many users enable solid support and many plugins. At the same time, WooCommerce, combined with WordPress, can be used for any business case scenario. Things get a little more complicated if you are trying to use WooCommerce as an integrated Manufacturing system. Lucky You, there is a simple and effective solution (and much more) that extends WordPress and creates WooCommerce Manufacturing a reality.

However, in order for online sales to function flawlessly, one component is missing:–
real-time inventory management. Especially today when we are witnessing a dynamic economic market with frequent price changes and where maintenance and updates become a nightmare.

Simply put, today all companies engaged in wholesale or production, which includes processing and manipulation of materials, are looking for significantly greater dynamism and speed of response to changes in the market.

Now we will list the key elements of successful e-commerce not only related to online sales:

  1. Inventory
  2. Price control
  3. Supply chain management
  4. Back ordering
  5. Business analysis
  6. Manufacturing

Ideally, all six components should be implemented. However, the gradual introduction of individual components has also a significant impact on the work of a small business. 

That’s why I’m going to address all these six components individually and see how they individually affect the work and productivity of each small business.

1. Inventory control

For successful inventory control, it is necessary for the system to have end-to-end traceability, which actually means that we know exactly the origin of each raw component in which final product it was installed/used and where it ended up during delivery.

In order for us to successfully monitor the stock:

  • we need to introduce some sort of LOT, barcode, or tracking based on serial numbers. 
  • Also, this kind of implementation requires an outstanding design of a mobile application that, together with mobile hardware, enables simple scanning and tracking of inventory.
  • In addition to scanning, it is necessary to have a good system for printing labels that are directly integrated with our e-commerce system. Together, scanning and printing labels save time, money, and human resources, which consequently leads to good deliveries of goods and greater customer satisfaction.
  • Reflect it on the eCommerce site
  • Keep track of inventory levels on your website, while also promoting out-of-stock items to boost revenue.

2. Pricing change

Today we are witnessing high inflation levels, shortage of raw materials, and general volatility in supply. To canter fight these conditions, modern manufacturers need to act quickly, with no delay. You need to have full awareness and control of the pricing policy to handle Woocomerce manufacturing.

Basic tools to effectively apply new pricing policies:

  • Get accurate costing
  • Efficiently track and covert between currencies and handle differences in end pricing due to currency volatility
  • Fast  implementation of change in pricing
    • Effective mobile devices with scanners
    • Remote label printers
    • Trained workers
  • Apply changes instantaneously on your e-commerce website

3. Supply Chain Management

In the text above we discussed pricing changes and tightening inventory control.
Next in line is complete control of the process from ordering to receiving all necessary components and raw materials for your manufacturing process.

  • Setup vendor pricelist
  • Setup default or multiple vendors
  • Define deliver dates and ranges
  • Connect items and vendors
  • Predict delivery dates on the lowest component levels

When an item is in backorder, it means currently it is out of stock but is expected to be delivered as soon as it is back in inventory by a specific date. Businesses sell back ordered products and also give the assurance to deliver the products to the buyers. 


Automate Production – Increase efficiency so you can spend less time filling out paperwork and more time doing what you love. 

  • Automatic synchronization between WooCommerce and inventory control system
  • Automatically compare inventory against ordering and based on result-generate POs and WO for missing items
  • Predict delivery dates 

5. Business Analysis

To really have a complete overview of your business you need to have a perfect system for Business Analysis. The system should provide fast and precise reporting on various topics. from basic reports like:

  • Sales ordering
  • Revenue
  • Sales volume,  
  • Manufacturing and cost of goods 

you should also  use reports that are more vertically specialized like:

  • The Lot and Serial numbers report 
  • “Where used” report
  • Specific KPIs for suppliers
  • Timesheet report

These reports will give you a true insight in Woocommerce manufacturing

6. Manufacturing management

When we talk about manufacturing management basically, we are covering 3 branches of manufacturing management – and how to reflect changes from manufacturing software to WooCommerce aka Woocommerce Manufacturing

  • Build for order and build for the stock -concepts
  • Shop floor management
  • Complete traceability
  • Handling different types of stock providers:
    • vendors, 
    • directly from stock
    • ordering and dropshipping 
    • contractors
  • Handle process, complex BOMs, and stages

And it should be very easy and straightforward –  not overwhelming for the staff

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Read more from our EXPERT blog. Learn how to get the most from your production and inventory management.

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