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A Bill of Material or product structure is a list of your raw materials, components, sub-components, work operations, everything that is required to manufacture the wanted product.

Bill of Materials- Simple

Simple bill of material would be the option in Erpag such as kitting.

Kits are sets, bundle of your products combined all in one.

However, kits cannot be used in the manufacturing, they cannot be purchased. The group of items is there to help you with your Sales order to run smoother if you are selling your items in a bundle.

Therefore, when it comes to Bill of Material simple option here are steps to get you started.

1.Go to inventory> Products and services> add new> Bill of material

2. Add the wanted components from your inventory / add the Work operations

3.Manufacturing > Create> Based on – Bill of Material

Find from the drop down menu the wanted BOM.

When you save the Work order system will go through your stock and based on that quantity you will be able to proceed accordingly.

If you have enough quantity on hand you will be able to continue.

If not, you should go to back order and order the required items for created Work Order:

Generate Purchase order> Receive the items > and you will have enough to proceed and complete the Work order.

Bill of materials- Simple + Work Operations

  1. Go to Manufacturing> Work operations> create the wanted work operation :

2. Inventory > Bill of materials > create > add the wanted components > add the Work operation :

3. Go to Manufacturing > Employee and open the employees, assign them the Job title and connect them to the wanted User :

4.Work order > find the wanted Bill of material > system will show the Work operation section> where you will be able to assign the wanted work operation to the employee:

5. When you assign the Work operation to employee, go to Manufacturing > Timesheet > open the wanted employee :

6. Find the Work Order number and the wanted operation for that employee and start their time:

7. Once the production time is over, you will have to go again to the time sheet and stop the time for the employee.

Last but not the least, you will be able to track and record all the tracked time for your employees, when you go to

Manufacturing > Work operations report > where you will be able to filter by the wanted and required data and pull those report and information for each Employee.

Bill of materials – Multi-level –

When it comes to the multi level BOM that means that your production is more complex and it has a couple of stages and phases in the system. It includes components/ sub-components( as sub- assemblies) Work operation etc.

Based on your workflow and the stages of your manufacturing process you should create BOM accordingly and add the wanted components and work operation:

Second step would be to create a Work Order for your BOM-final item:

However, the stages(sub- components) will end up in the Manufacturing > fulfillment > find the wanted BOM > and generate

Work Order/manufacturing project/summarized work order

And generate Work order for every sub-component(sub-assemblie)

The steps will go as follow,:

  1. When you complete the first Work order, the system will give available quantity( if you have the items on hand)
  2. If you do not have the items on hand the system will place them in the Back order >
  3. From backorder you will generate a Purchase Order.
  4. From Purchase Order> order the items and receive the items when they arrive.

When the first Work Order is completed, system will show availability for the second WO, when you complete the second it will give availability for the third etc.

Once you complete all the work orders you will see the availability for the final product and you can complete it as planned, and when the work order is completed quantity of the product will be updated in your inventory.

You can always rely on the document status in Erpag, it will show you the real information based on your items in your inventory and based on that status you can follow the wanted flow and complete the orders as required.

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