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September 15, 2021

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Lately there is a growing need of ERPAG customers to download orders from WooCommerce containing composite products. We have successfully upgraded, and it is now possible to download such orders as well!

ERPAG supports only standard WooCommerce API. Which generally does not support composite products. That type of product is very popular on WooCommerce webshops. In order to use that type of product in WooCommerce, it is necessary to download the plugin.

The list of options for a necessary plugin is large. Many of them meet basic needs, although there are some which are very advanced. Most of these plugins work on the same or similar method.

Due to their specificity, ERPAG can not guarantee that each plugin will work correctly. For example, that you will always receive all pieces of information while downloading orders. Also, due to the specificity of each plugin in ERPAG, it is not possible to create composite products in the Products and Services list, only to download the order.

Create a Composite product

The example that follows is based on plugins that support the creation of composite products. The pictures and instructions which follow are only examples that can differ from what is shown on your webshop.

So, let’s take an example of one camera with additional components. Create a basic product, in this example Camera Body. Then define SKU, Name, Price, and other elements that are important to you.

Nikon D600 camera body

After that, create other components which must contain SKU, Name, and Price.

Edit product in WooCommerce

After defining the basic product as well as all additional components individually, it is necessary to create a new composite product. Define that the product type is Composite(as shown in the picture below) as well as the SKU.

Define composite product

Now you need to define which products are components of this composite product.

Product Data in WooCommerce

Finally, looking at the product list, we can see a list of all products as well as the composite product itself.

list of components, composite product

Composite product in your webshop

By publishing composite product, customers on your webshop are now able to choose which components they would like to buy in addition to the Basic product.

Full product name Nikon D600

Getting orders into ERPAG

Before downloading an order, if you have not already done so, you need to set up your ERPAG to enable communication between your webshop and ERPAG. Instructions for this can be found on this link. Also, if you wish to connect your webshop with ERPAG, it is necessary to read this instruction as well Choose the right way – Integrate your webshop in the best way

After downloading orders from your webshop, ERPAG will also download orders containing composite products.

Composite product sales order

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