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KIT item synchronization with different webshops

Can I sync KIT items (assemblies) with my webshop (WooCommerce, Square, Shopify or Magento)? What do I need to do in order to enable the sync?

One of the item types in ERPAG is KIT, which is a group of items sold together. KIT items can also be called Set, Assembly, Grouped product, etc. The simplest example of this type of item is a New Year’s present that traders themselves make on the Christmas eve and New Year holidays from the products they already have in stock. Instructions on how to create a KIT item in ERPAG are explained here
The question is, can ERPAG synchronize KIT items with a webshop? The answer is YES, however, it is necessary to know beforehand the features of the webshop itself. Some webshops naturally support KIT items and ERPAG works seamlessly with them. For others who do not have this capability, ERPAG sees such an item as a standard Item, whether or not a special extension may be installed to simulate KIT items.
Webshops that do not support KIT items are:
  • Shopify
  • Square
while webshops that support KIT items are:
  • WooCommerce
woo commerce
  • Magento
So, if you use Shopify or Square, ERPAG is not able to detect whether an item is a KIT or not because such information does not exist in the webshop. If you use an extension that simulates KIT items, ERPAG is unable to handle such information because each individual extension may have a different simulation method.
In this case, working with KIT items between ERPAG and the webshop is still possible but only if a KIT has already been created in Shopify or Square and that a KIT item has been created in ERPAG where SKUs are on both sides identical.
Webshops like WooCommerce and Magento do not need any special setup.
Create individual items and mark them to be synchronized with the webshop. Then create a KIT item, define which individual items are part of it, and mark it to be synced to the webshop (instructions on integrating ERPAG with webshops can be found on this link
KIT item in ERPAG
 kit item in erpag
After creating a KIT item, it’s necessary to sync it with your webshop.
erpag webshop sync
When the syncing process is complete, the new KIT items can be seen in each webshop individually:
shopify kit
square kit
woocommerce kit
woocommerce kit
magento kit
magento kit
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