Scheduling synchronization with the webshop

With the option to schedule the Sales Order synchronization from your webshop, you will save your precious time! ERPAG now gives you the ability to set up a daily term for each one of your webshops. ERPAG will automatically sync down the orders, based on the scheduled time. This way, your orders will be ready before you even reach work!

Scheduling setup

The setup is really simple. Just activate the Webshops from the main menu (Administration)

Open your webshop.

Click on the “edit” button to enable changes. And then, find the SYNCHRONIZATION panel.

In “GET NEW ORDERS” option you can select one of the given options:

  1. Manually – in case you don’t want to schedule the order synchronization. Use this option in case you still want to manually sync down the orders from your webshop;
  2. Daily at – in case you want to schedule the daily order synchronization, at a specific time.

Setting up the synchronization time

In the “TIME” option you can select the wanted time (in hours) when you want the synchronization to be done. The offered values are from 00h – 23h (24 hour time format).

In the option “USER” you will define the user account that will be recorded as an account that synced down the orders. You have to make sure not to select a user account that is disabled. Also, the user account you select needs to have all necessary user privileges (in case it’s not an admin), that allow him to work with webshop orders.

After you complete the setup, save the changes.

Order synchronization

After the setup, ERPAG will sync down the orders on daily basis, based on the setup time. There is also a possibility of a few minutes discrepancy, in case there is a large number of new orders. As syncing down and recording a large number of orders in your database takes a bit more time.

We strongly advise that the synchronization takes place when you are not in the office. Eg. the time that would suit you for ERPAG to prepare the orders before you even reach your work. Manually syncing down the orders (syncing on demand) is also available regardless of whether you have a scheduled daily syncing time or not.

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